Tailgating Tips for Fall Football

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Seasonal changes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area aren’t always obvious but there’s one tell-tale sign that autumn has arrived – it’s football time! As all Texans know, wherever there’s football, there’s tailgating. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite high school gridiron stars, NCAA Longhorn athletes or the pros, learn how to do it right with these tailgating tips.

Fan Favorite Foods

If you’re headed out to the big game, do your supply shopping prior to game day. The first, and most important tailgating tip for frequent tailgaters is to make sure everything you need is readily available. Keep a tool box stocked with your tailgating necessities. A quick check can let you know when it’s time to restock supplies.

If you’re breaking out the barbecue pit, make sure you pack self-starting charcoal briquettes that don’t require lighter fluid. You want to conserve space so you have more room for delicious snack items like these Cowboy Nachos and Bobby Flay’s famous Charred Corn Guacamole with Corn Chips. Include a supply of paper towels and wet wipes for sticky fingers and faces. If you’re tailgating with the wee ones in tow, pack healthy snack options like cut up apples, grapes and other finger foods.

Get In The Spirit

Deck the family out in the team colors to show off their football loyalties. Ladies can up their make-up game to reflect their devotion to the Cowboys, and guys of all ages can have fun displaying their team spirit with face and body paints. Pick up a few sets of pom-poms in the team’s colors and channel your inner cheerleader when they approach the goal line.

Many tailgating tips focus on the adults, but children get bored fast. Help them stay in the spirit of the day by packing a couple child-sized footballs for them to toss around in the parking lot or on the sidelines at hometown games. A few travel-style games will help keep them occupied as well.

The Home Turf

No tickets to the big game? No problem. Some of the best tailgate parties happen right at home, where there’s never a need to search for clean bathrooms and the beer always stays cold. When you party at home, you can expand your menu to include ambitious foods like fried turkey or pasta dishes.

That’s only one benefit of tailgating at home. Hand out a few team-inspired prizes for the corn hole champs, such as cold drink cozies and foam fingers. This helps keep the kids interested and the games competitive. Should the weather turn inclement, just move the gang under the patio cover or inside the house with no delay or game penalties.

If you are new to the neighborhood, having a tailgating party at home is a great way to get to know your neighbors. Include them in your invitations and to break the ice, and ask them for some of their best tailgating tips to incorporate into your own party.

Tailgate at Home

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