Simple Staging Tips for Your Outdoor Living Space

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When you are trying to sell your home, anything you can do to boost your home’s value and entice buyers is a plus. While the indoor appearance of your home is important, you cannot slouch on its exterior! Curb appeal is the first impression that your home will make on prospective buyers– and you never get a second chance to

Outdoor Dining

make a first impression. Outdoor living spaces have become desired recreational spaces for homeowners and are worth your attention when trying to sell your home. Here are some tips on staging your outdoor space.

Make Sure You Have the Right Amount of Space

The size of your patio or deck can make or break your outdoor space. If it is too large, it takes up too much of the yard. Most people want some green space to admire. Families with children or pets want space to play and run. However, if you do not have a large enough deck or patio, it serves no purpose. You should make sure you have enough room in your outdoor space to define some sort of activity whether it is just watching a sunset or hosting a dinner party.

Make Sure It Suits the Neighborhood

You should have an outdoor space that fits in with your neighborhood. If your outdoor space is lower-end than your neighbors, it can reduce the appeal of your own home. However, if you go too big with an outdoor kitchen, pavilion or other high-end outdoor living equipment, you probably won’t get a return on your investment. Prepping your outdoor area, no matter what size, makes a difference!

Privacy Is Important

It is easier to enjoy an outdoor space if you feel that you are free to enjoy it. Your outdoor space may be difficult to enjoy if you feel that the neighbors are always watching. Intentional landscaping or even putting up a fence will add some privacy chair in backyard privacyto your outdoor space while improving your home’s curb appeal and value.

Dress Your Space with the Right Outdoor Furniture

Furniture is essential for staging your outdoor space. Seating and even an outdoor rug can help to define a space and its primary function.

  • Choose sturdy furniture that fits the space.
  • A wrought iron cafe set may be a good choice for a small patio, while a large harvest table may be a better choice if you have more space to fill.
  • Choose a single color palate for a simple, elegant staging

You can always add pops of color with cushions, a throw or a flower arrangement on the table.

Features Can Attract Potential Home Buyers

Sometimes having a feature can really add to your outdoor space. For example, if you have a fire pit, it can be a great place to sit on a summer or fall evening and roast marshmallows or talk. It is the suburban equivalent to a campfire. Other choices for an outdoor feature may include a grill, kitchen or a water feature like a koi pond.

Landscape for Effect

The right landscaping and lighting can enhance your space. It adds charm to your yard as well as highlighting your patio area. Trees dress up your yard by adding interest and offer shade to your patio or deck. Flowerslandscape lighting can provide the “wow” factor when you use them to border your home or outdoor space, as well as creating flowerbeds as specific focal points.

Keep Things Tidy

The most important thing you can do to when staging your outdoor space is to keep it tidy.

  • Do not leave yard tools or toys out when you are going to have people over to view your home.
  • Make sure the lawn has been mowed and the weeds have been pulled.
  • Clutter and mess will distract would-be homebuyers from seeing the potential in your property.

There are many things you can do when staging your outdoor space to add appeal to your home. Most are simple and inexpensive. When done correctly, they can give you a lot of bang for your buck. They can also add to the value of your home.

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