Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

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prepare for holiday guests, Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

Now that the holiday season has arrived, it’s time to prepare for holiday guests. Avoid the last minute rush and make sure your home ready for visits from family and friends. You want your guests to feel comfortable and welcome during their visit, and this starts by making them feel at home.

Prepare the Guest Bedroom

If you have the space available, the perfect guest bedroom has an attached bathroom or a nearby bathroom reserved specifically for guests. This gives your guests their own space and doesn’t make them feel like they’re inconveniencing anyone. Whether you have a dedicated guest room or are making the best use of the available space you have, prepare for holiday guests by setting up their room and making the space as comfortable as possible.

  • Use freshly laundered sheets, pillow covers, blankets and a comforter on the bed.
  • Provide extra sleeping pillows for the bed, such as two soft and two firm or medium pillows for comfort.
  • Decorate the room sparsely to avoid clutter – a vase with a small flower arrangement, an alarm clock and books you think your guests might enjoy add a nice touch.
  • Make space in the room’s closet with hangers or a dresser for your guests to unpack their clothes.
  • Stock up the guest bathroom and main bathroom with comfortable towels, extra face towels and washcloths. Include fresh unused soaps, toothpaste, shampoo and moisturizer.  

Stock Your Kitchen

As you prepare for holiday guests, check with them beforehand about their dietary preferences and possible allergies. Stock your kitchen with food and snacks that your guests enjoy. Show them where you keep glasses, silverware and plates so they are free to help themselves without feeling like a burden. Keep snacks and fresh fruit accessible to your guests on the counter or center of the dining table so guests don’t have to ask if they want a light snack.

Prepare a Separate Place to Unwind

If you have the space, whether in the guest room or in another area of your home, set up a comfortable area where you guests can unwind and relax. A calm and private place away from the holiday chaos is ideal.

Set up a small desk or table where your guest can sit and read the newspaper or use their laptop if needed. Keep office supplies such as pens and paper in a convenient place for your guests to use.

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