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outdoor spaces for entertaining, Outdoor Spaces for Entertaining

Most people want a gracious entertaining space in their home that offers a comfortable and attractive place to welcome guests. When the weather is less than favorable, it is nice to have an indoor space to accommodate guests; but when the weather is fabulous, why not move the party outdoors? Outdoor spaces for entertaining allow Mother Nature to take over much of the work. Here are some options to consider on how to incorporate outdoor spaces for entertaining into your home.

Creating a Space

Creating a space for entertaining can be as simple as suggesting space by using materials such as lattice or landscaping borders and plants. It might entail using already existing space such as a porch, deck or patio. The important part is that you want to create a space where it would make sense to have a seating area and a place for dining, as well. You want a space where you can make guests comfortable while enjoying the outdoors. You might thing that most outdoor spaces for entertaining are mainly outdoors, but even a sunroom can fit this purpose by offering a conversation space while still being surrounded by the landscape.

Outdoor Furnishings

Without furnishings, there would be no outdoor entertaining space. Furnishings are what make the space. You may choose a lavish sectional and lounge where people can relax with a glass of wine and great conversation, or a generous dining table where meals can be laid out. Perhaps some Adirondack chairs and end tables where drinks can be set are more your style.

It is possible to use furnishings to create appealing outdoor spaces for entertaining without blowing the budget. Many designers swear by the one-of-a-kind finds they harvest from flea markets, estate sales and thrift stores. Sometimes all that is required to pull these treasures together into a cohesive plan is a little paint, some throw pillows and a couple of well-chosen throws. You might think of outdoor entertaining spaces as luxury items for the wealthy, but having a small budget should not hinder your ability to create a charming outdoor entertaining space.

Focal Points

This is where Mother Nature really has an opportunity to shine! If your home offers a great view, then your outdoor entertaining space should take advantage of it. Every entertaining space needs a focal point. And while the beauty of nature can contribute to your space, whether you have a breathtaking view or not, a focal point encourages people to gather in one place, which encourages conversation. If your home is not situated in a place where it can take advantage of the view, a fire pit or fireplace is a popular option for drawing people together.

Dining Areas

Every good host knows that you cannot invite people over without offering them food and refreshments. Some high-end outdoor spaces for entertaining include wood-fired, brick pizza ovens. Some hosts like having a bar where friends can gather and share a cocktail. A long table can be set up as a buffet or even elegantly trimmed with china, linen napkins and plenty of chairs for a formal meal.

No matter what your budget, if you desire an elegant outdoor space, it can be with in your reach. With these suggestions, your outdoor space can run the gamut from shabby chic to extravagant. Whatever your style or budget, outdoor space gives you more options for enjoying time at your home with family.

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