Are you the Next Joanna Gaines?

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Anyone who watches HGTV is probably familiar with Chip and Joanna Gaines, the charming couple that heads up their own home renovation business and show. Joanna, the designer in this team, is known for her farmhouse style. And, as farmhouse style is all the rage right now, what better time to examine what it takes to create the farmhouse look you want in your home? So, here are some ways to incorporate elements of farmhouse style into your design.

Everything Old Is New Again

The old saying goes, “Use it up, wear it out. Make do or do without.” Farmers lived by that motto. To that end, it is no wonder that used, distressed, and vintage items are such important elements of farmhouse style. Antiques and vintage objects can be incorporated into your design scheme. Think of using practical items such as an antique quilt as a wall hanging or vintage dishes featured on wood shelves.

Everyday Rustic

Farmhouse style is also defined by its simplicity. Your goal should be to make things look as uncomplicated as possible. Rustic elements are always welcome elements of farmhouse style. You might leave wooden beams exposed, use rough cut lumber in your mantle or shelving, or have a stone fireplace. You might use cast-iron cookware or incorporate wrought iron into your decor.

Let Art Imitate Life

Artwork does not have to be vintage or rustic when you’re trying to achieve a rural look. Indeed, incorporating modern or popular art can bring an updated and contemporary flair to your farmhouse style. The only rules here are that your artwork should depict the natural world. That could be a landscape painting, an illustrated and framed page from a botanical, or a photograph of a cow. As long as there is some depiction of the natural world, the sky is the limit.


First impressions are important. That’s why a big welcoming porch is so important in this design scheme. It not only provides a much-needed transition from indoors to outdoors, but it is also your home’s way of receiving family and guests with wide-open arms. A porch should provide comfortable seating for enjoying the view as well as small tables for holding drinks, reading materials, and projects such as knitting that one might want to work on outdoors. The farmhouse porch is a great place for visiting, relaxing, and getting things done.

Another important layout feature of farmhouse design is a formal space for receiving guests that is separate from the less-formal living space where the family carries out everyday activities.

Farmhouse Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of any home, especially of the farmhouse. Brushed and matte finishes — not glossy or shiny ones — should dominate this room. Painted cupboards and a big farmhouse sink suitable for washing vegetables, game, or even babies are things you are likely to find here. And, of course, no kitchen would be complete without one of the most important elements of farmhouse style: a generous rustic wood table where everyone can sit down to dinner together.

Farmhouse style can be described as a kind of down-home chic. By incorporating elements of farmhouse style into your home, you can give it a comfortable charm that is both welcoming and lovely.

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