Organize Your Mudroom and Entryway for Fall

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mudroom organization, Organize Your Mudroom and Entryway for Fall

Your mudroom is where your family comes and goes multiple times daily when they are arriving home or getting ready to leave. With the start of fall sports and school, it might be a little out of sorts these days. That’s why it’s important to keep it neat and organized. If your home doesn’t have a dedicated mudroom, an entryway can still accommodate everything you need. Use a few of these mudroom organization tips to help keep your life in order.

Shoe Cubbies

Low cubbies work well for storing shoes and can provide a space for each person in the house. A low bench can work just as well and double as a place to sit while removing shoes. Depending on the space available, you’ll need to consider the size of cubbies or bench that will best fit. A narrow design can provide somewhere to sit and leave plenty of walking space.

Coat Hooks

Every mudroom or entryway needs a convenient place to hang jackets and hats. Some homes have a closet nearby, but this isn’t always the case. You can add hooks to your mudroom organization list to help curb the ever growing pile of jackets and backpacks. You can install single decorative hooks or purchase a multi-hook system.

Smaller Hooks

Set up a few smaller hooks away from the coat hooks. These can be used to hang keys, flashlights, and other small miscellaneous items that are often left near the door. Get creative and mismatch the hooks or have a whole design flow coordinating with the larger hooks.

Storage Containers

Add at least one type of container near the door. A metal bucket can be used to help give the area a rustic feel, or you can go for sleek and modern black umbrella stand. Either way, you’ll want somewhere for wet umbrellas and maybe even walking sticks to go when they come through the door.

Seasonal Baskets

Set up a basket on one end of your bench or cubby system to hold seasonal items. During the winter, these would be gloves, hats, and scarves. During the summer items such as towels, swimming goggles, sun block, and insect spray can be stored in the basket.

A Rug

You might think it’s unnecessary to add a rug to your mudroom organization list, but it’s a very important element. The rug is going to get most of the foot traffic in and out of your house, so choose a quality rug that will withstand the stress. Choose a rug to match the style and personality of your home.

An Ideal Home

Is your house missing a mudroom or other important features? Take a look at our listings and find your ideal home.