How To Increase Property Value with Spring Cleaning

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increase home value, How To Increase Property Value with Spring Cleaning


Are you getting ready to put your home up for sale? Then now is the perfect time to start cleaning. Here are some tips about how to put a little extra effort into spring cleaning and help increase home value. 

Improve Curb Appeal

When preparing to sell your house, think about the first impression it will make on potential buyers. Clean up the landscaping, repair any cracks in the driveway and walkways, and power wash the house to give your property an instant facelift. 

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the most simple but effective changes you can make to a house is adding a fresh coat of paint. This rule applies to both the inside and the outside of the house, though exterior painting is much more involved. Soft, neutral colors will appeal to the widest audience and can make your home feel clean, light, and airy.

Wash the Windows

Sparkling clean windows will be noticed both inside and out. While you’re moving from room to room washing the windows, check for any necessary repairs as well. Look for holes in window screens, make sure all the windows open and close easily, and check for damage to the trim.

Clean the Floors

You’ve been meaning to do it anyway, so why not finally get to it and increase home value while you’re at it? Home buyers notice floors right away, and they are one of the top features potential buyers are likely to remember later. Repair wood floors where needed and clean carpets to present your home in its best light.

Scrub and Seal Grout

Spring cleaning is the time for getting down to the nitty-gritty details. While you might not notice stains or dirt between tiles in your kitchen or bathroom from day to day, a new pair of eyes will most likely take note. Regrout the tiles to make these rooms look clean and fresh.

Organize Closets

What does organizing your clothing and shoes have to do with selling your house? Potential home buyers want to know what they’re getting themselves into. Usually, that means turning on every faucet, flipping every light switch, and opening every door. Yes, they will look inside your closet, and yes, they will notice the pile of dirty clothes on the floor.


Embracing minimalism is a great way to increase home value. You don’t need to box up all your belongings, but decluttering will make your home feel larger and more open. Potential buyers will be able to see the space and envision their own belongings in each room. Take the opportunity to donate items you no longer need or use. As a bonus, you’ll have less to pack when it’s time for you to move!

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The goal of spring cleaning is to refresh your home. If you’re preparing to sell, it’s also a good time to make updates that increase home value. With a few simple changes, your home will be ready for the market.

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