Designing your Tablescape for Thanksgiving Dinner

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thanksgiving table

One of most enjoyable parts of any holiday is adding those little design touches that make your gathering extra special. The smallest details can make the biggest difference. This year, try some new Thanksgiving tablescape ideas and impress your guests.

Pick Your Style

What kind of look do you prefer? Consider the existing décor in the room. Simple or minimalist décor can be reflected with a tablescape of similar style or it can accommodate something more glitzy and dramatic without being overwhelming.

You might consider picking a theme. Rustic and forest themes are common but you can and try something different, such as a coastal theme Thanksgiving tablescape. The same concept could be applied for a desert, southwest or other similar theme.

Think About Color

When thinking about Thanksgiving tablescape ideas, consider your color scheme. You can use traditional fall colors such as oranges and reds or go with a minimalist look and choose white or monochromatic colors. White and gold is trendy right now and gives that minimalist look a little more glam.

Deep saturated colors are also popular and you can easily work them into your design. Rich chocolate brown colors pair well with other colors and compliments modern décor. ­Or try a tablescape with deep, bold contrasting colors – rich greenery, cream-colored candles, and dark purple napkins.

Consider Available Space

Keep in mind how many people will be at the table and how much room is needed for food. If table space is minimal, keep your tablescape small or add vertical elements. You can also apply your Thanksgiving tablescape ideas to a buffet table, dessert table or appetizer station instead.

A balanced or symmetrical design is usually the most effective. It mirrors the set-up of the table and chairs so it’s more visually appealing. You can achieve balance by using a repeating element such as identical candles or a single flower at every place setting.

Let Your Creativity Shine

The most creative Thanksgiving tablescape ideas come directly from your own imagination and instinct. Think outside the box and try something that uniquely expresses you and your style.

  • Traditional items in untraditional colors. Think white, green, or even blue pumpkins.
  • Untraditional items in traditional colors. The exact opposite approach – use spring or summer flowers like roses and tulips in orange and black.
  • It’s all in the details. Placemats, napkins, napkin rings and place card holders are a big part of the overall look since they appear at every place setting. You can make your own gold and floral place card holders that are simple and versatile to go with almost any place setting.
  • Ordinary items used in extraordinary ways. Use items you already have around the house in a different way. Using wooden candlesticks to hold mini pumpkins is one example. It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s budget-friendly too.
  • Take your tablescape off the table. Add matching chair bows for additional flair.
  • Go vertical. Branches in a vase add a different look and can be a dramatic focal point, but don’t feel you have to go big if you don’t want to. A small pumpkin, pinecone and branches arrangement makes good use of vertical lines on a smaller scale.
  • Utilize fruits and veggies. Think outside the pumpkin patch and go with other seasonal produce such as persimmons, pomegranates, apples, pears, figs and sage.

Use these Thanksgiving tablescape ideas or mix things up a bit to create your own style, setting the perfect mood and adding that special touch to your holiday table.

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