Customer Highlight: The Pattersons

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Jeff and Wendy Patterson recently sat down to talk about their experience of selling their home with The Wall Team. Here’s what they had to say.

Jeff: We’re the Pattersons. My wife, Wendy, and my name is Jeff. We have two kids, Ashley and Jake. We live in Trophy Club. We’ve been here about a year. We’d been thinking about moving for a while, and we were just waiting for the right time. The timing seems to be right. The market seemed to be good. Son was leaving elementary school and rolling into middle school, and so the timing really seemed to be right to put the house up for sale.

Working with The Wall Team, they are true professionals. We dealt with their administrative … We worked closely with scheduling. We worked with the employees who were dealing with the lenders. We really liked how they broke up the work, so the realtor wasn’t overwhelmed. This person wasn’t trying to do too many things, and I think that’s what makes their business successful. They’ve really determined what the task is and who is the resource, or what is the resource that works with them.

I think that’s what impressed me the most about their business. They really understood how to make a transaction seamless and effective without overwhelming any one person on their team.

Wendy: They were great to work with. It was on the market, what …

Jeff: Probably less than a month.

Wendy: Yeah.

Jeff: It was …

Wendy: I was going to say three weeks.

Jeff: It was a short listing.

Wendy: It was very short, and they were very reassuring.

Jeff: There’s no one else we would call. We would call The Walls. They know the market. They’re in the people business that happens to buy and sell homes for their clients. That’s what we love about The Walls.

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