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According to a 2013 study, nearly a quarter of a real estate agent’s business comes from returning clients. So it’s critical to maintain a relationship with your clients after your initial transaction so that they come to you again the next time they need help closing a deal. Sending Christmas cards isn’t a bad idea, but there are other ways you can show your clients how much you appreciate their business.

Send Food

Moving day is hectic to say the least! A client is going to be very busy managing the wave of boxes and other items being moved into the new house. That does not, however, mean that they don’t have to eat that day, especially if they have a family. Sending your client and even the movers a pizza on moving day is an especially nice gesture that will not only get tons of real estate client appreciation but will also not be forgotten. After all, food is the way to the heart! Services like Door Dash make this quick and easy. 

Help Clients Get Oriented with Business Referrals

When moving into a new neighborhood, homeowners may not know where to go to shop for  groceries, get the car serviced, eat out, and so forth. If you’re familiar with the area, give them a welcome packet that includes things like a list of the most popular local businesses, coupons, and even gift cards. Personal recommendations can go a long way. 

Making That New House a Home

New homeowners often want to make their homes a reflection of themselves and their  personal style. Setting up your clients with a designer can help them navigate the terrain of home design and win you some major praise.

You can also contribute to the housewarming by giving them a smart gadget for their home such as a smoke alarm, thermostat, or a Ring video doorbell. These small gifts that can help make their home more efficient can pack a big punch when it comes to real estate client appreciation.

Getting the House Ready to Vacate

Moving in is stressful, but so is moving out. Once the boxes are packed and loaded onto the truck, it’s much easier to go through the house and do a deep clean. But, by the time your client has everything packed and loaded, are they really going to want to clean? One great way to show real estate client appreciation is by sending a cleaning crew to handle that task for them.

Remembrance Gift

Artwork that features the old home where they created memories can be a great housewarming gift for the new home where they will start the next chapter of their lives. You could hire an artist to make a sketch or a painting of the house. If an artist is not in the budget, there are apps that can make a photograph look like a sketch or a painting. Of course, a high-quality or historical photograph is a great idea, too. Add a nice frame, and you have a fine piece of art that clients are sure to enjoy.

One of the best way to maintain a relationship with clients and thus generate repeat business is to show your real estate client appreciation. Thoughtful “thank you” gifts are a great way to make that happen.

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