Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Laurie WallBuying and Selling

Do you remember going away to college? Moving for the first time as a young professional? The excitement, the adventure? It seems like the older and more established we get, the bigger, more complex our moves get too. So many of us try to handle … Read More

The 5 W’s of Downsizing

Laurie WallBuying and Selling

In our society, where bigger often means better, downsizing your home may seem counterintuitive. Think of all the TV shows about house hunting. Potential home buyers are always complaining that the houses don’t have enough space. Have you ever heard anyone complain that they had too much? … Read More

Planning a Cross Country Move

Laurie WallBuying and Selling

Moving boxes and furniture in new home

Moving is exciting no matter what the distance, but a cross-country move comes with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. With great planning and plenty of patience, your move can be smooth and less stressful. Here are some tips to help you prepare … Read More