Tips for Hosting a Back To School Party

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The freedom of summer means no early morning alarm clocks, homework, or activities. Most kids look forward to the break, even if they love school. Now that summer is winding down though, it’s time to start thinking about school schedules again. Help get your kids excited about the new year by throwing a fun back to school party.


Start the party right by choosing or making the perfect school themed invitations. Apple-shaped invitations will go well with the school theme. You can also find notebook paper or book themed invitations that look like school supplies. Make sure to include extra details for the parents.

Party Games

Planning games and activities that your kids may do in school is another way to get them excited for the new year. Hangman is a simple game that you can easily make at home. Draw out the game on a large poster board and hang it up in the living room or other area where all the kids have room to sit down and participate. You can also set up gym style games outside. Use orange cones, or cones made from poster board, to create an obstacle course or race track. Math games and trivia games are also party favorites. Hand out school themed party favors or fun school supplies as prizes.

Food and Drinks

You can’t have a back to school party without snacks and drinks. Provide a variety of after school style snacks or a lunchbox style lunch. Brown paper bags with peanut butter and jelly or other types of sandwiches are reminiscent of schooldays and simple to prepare. You can include an apple, cheese stick, crackers or another snack along with a juice box to complete the lunch. If you have a dining area outside and the weather is nice, turn it into a picnic.

Supply Swap

This is a fun way to involve parents and get them excited about the new school year as well. Most kids at the party will have the same supply list or one that is very similar. While the kids are having fun, the parents can chat and swap supplies. There are many different ways to host a supply swap. You can assign each parent an item on the supply list and pass them around or have parents bring their extra supplies leftover from previous years to trade. This helps parents get the kids ready for school while the kids are having fun together. Another option is to hand out a few items from the supply list as door prizes or goody bags for the kids to take home after the party.

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